Employee Development

Astorleander Ltd can offer a series of training sessions and workshops to support your employees in maximising their potential.Employee Development Astorleander Ltd

Delivering Excellent Customer Service

The most important relationship your business has is the one between your customers and the employees they interact with. Either in person or on the phone, anything you can do to strengthen the relationship will benefit you your business in a number of ways. This workshop is designed to help staff develop better day-to-day working relationships with internal and external customers and understand their responsibilities to all customers, making your business a ” business of  choice”. This workshop can be linked into any existing business values and organisation objectives.

Effective Time Management

A practical workshop which adapts to any current time management tools being used in the business, to ensure staff have a full range of techniques and skills to work SMARTER.

Facilitation Skills

There is an increasing need for facilitation skills as patterns of work become more multi-disciplinary. Whether your staff are facilitating meetings or group events or leading a team, this workshop will enable them to explore a range of approaches to facilitation and develop their own personal style to increase effectiveness in the business.

Developing Effective Interpersonal Skills

Effective interpersonal skills are the key to personal accomplishment and effective leadership. This workshop will enable participants to explore various aspects of personal interaction and enhance their skills in a range of areas including assertiveness, effective communication and emotional intelligence to achieve success in the business.

Organising Meetings, Minutes and Agendas

This workshop will enable staff that are involved, or may be involved,  in organising meetings, agendas and taking minutes at formal and informal meetings to develop their skills, to ensure best use of time and correct distribution of information is used within the business.

Effective Presentation Skills

Effective presentations are a rewarding and powerful way of influencing others, both inside and outside the business. This workshop provides the opportunity for staff to develop their presentation skills, gain confidence and apply what they have learnt in a supportive environment.

Stress Management

It has been said that stress is the new disease of the 20th Century. This  workshop will cover some practical strategies to enable staff to deal with issues in their work and home life more effectively, improving performance and reducing the time they are absent from work.

Effective Telephone Skills

This workshop is designed to support staff that use the telephone, to develop sound working relationships with their internal and external customers, whilst understanding and overcoming the difficulties and challenges that can happen when having a telephone conversation. This workshop can link in with any existing business telephone standards.

Interviewee skills

A workshop that will give staff clear advice, guidance and tips on how to fully  promote  themselves at interviews, an ideal workshop for staff in the business looking for promotion or staff at risk of redundancy.

Equality and Diversity. Level 1 – Level 3

These workshops will build on the principles and key concepts of Equality and Diversity in the workplace. The workshops will enable staff to understand and increase their awareness of Equality and Diversity issues. Workshops can be tailored to meet the needs of various staff groups, ensuring as a business you meet the needs of legislation.

Level 1, examples of areas covered.

  • Linking into the business values.
  • Individual self-awareness.
  • Support mechanisms.
  • Recognising attitudes and behaviours that undermine Equality and Diversity and processes to challenge them.

Level 2, examples of areas covered.

  • As level 1 plus:
  • Basic Legislation, what are we responsible for individually and as a business.
  • Best practice, case studies, implementing strategies within own area.
  • Policies and procedures that support and where to find them in your business.
  • Exploring where perceptions and attitudes come from in ourselves, and in others, and how to challenge them.
  • Understanding that Equality and Diversity is inclusive not exclusive and an awareness that everyone falls into categories.

Level 3, examples of areas covered.

  • As Level 1 and 2 plus:
  • Ensuring that staff understand that Equality and Diversity is encompassed within the Human Rights Act.
  • Breaking down perceptions of the Human Rights Act and how it should and can be applied within the business.
  • Understand how to assess and implement changes to processes and procedures to ensure that service users, staff and contractors are not discriminated against.
  • Responsibilities of managers on how and when to challenge inappropriate behaviour that compromises Equality and Diversity.

Understand how to complete an Equality Impact Assessment