Management Development

Astorleander Ltd offer specialised and bespoke training for managers to help them to meet the needs of vulnerable employee groups within their businesses. These can be run anywhere throughout the UK. Management Development from Astorleander Ltd

Astorleander Ltd can offer:

  • Learning disabilities
  • Homeless
  • Long term unemployed
  • Long term health issues
  • Disabilities
  • Ethnic Minorities
  • Gender re-assignment

At Astorleander Ltd we also offer further management training in:

Equality Impact Assessment Training

A workshop that will provide delegates with tailored, easy to understand information and core skills to develop a solid framework in carrying out equality impact assessments,  whilst enabling effective implementation to meet with legislation within your business.

Positive and Effective Appraisals

This workshop will support any member of staff involved in the delivery of appraisals. Designed to familiarise delegates with your organisations visions, values and KPI’s and then how to link these with your organisations appraisal process. It will give the delegates the tools and knowledge to undertake effective, positive appraisals, enabling them to maximise on staff potential.

Coaching for Change

The aim of this workshop is to enable managers to support the cultural change of their business, in a positive and supportive way. This is achieved by providing managers with the knowledge and skills to empower, build confidence and inspire individuals within their teams and across the business.

Leading Teams through Change

Effective leadership and team working are increasingly important to business effectiveness and have been shown to impact positively on the customer. At the same time, staff need to be able to embrace change and adapt to new challenges to enable your business to grow effectively. This workshop gives your managers the tools and knowledge to lead their teams effectively through a period of change large or small.

Developing Staff

It is essential that all staff feel supported in their development in order for them to achieve their own objectives. This workshop will take delegates through the learning and development cycle and explain their responsibilities as a manager, developing their skills as a workplace coach.

Introduction to Good HR Practices

This workshop provides the perfect introduction to good HR practices and legislation. It offers an informative overview of key HR legislation and polices that businesses need to be aware of and adhere to.  It will also explore some of the key skills required to help managers implement them in your business.

Managing Attendance

Lack of productivity, low morale and missed deadlines are just some of the consequences of unplanned absence in the workplace. This workshop will provide your managers with the knowledge and skills to manage planned, and unplanned, absence more effectively in line with good HR  practice and organisation policies.

Managing Performance

Do you want to know how to get the best out of your staff by improving staff performance?  This workshop will give delegates the knowledge and skills to manage staff more effectively and confidently, whilst focusing on improving performance by managing conduct and capability issues as they arise.

Recruitment and Selection

Fair recruitment and selection is essential both to comply with the law and to appoint the best candidates. This workshop is designed to provide the skills to ensure fairness and consistency is applied throughout the entire recruitment and selection process.

Managing a Teams Health and Well-being

It has been said that stress is  the new disease of the 20th century. Linking in with the Health and Safety Executive’s, Management Standards and the Healthy Workplace Agenda. This workshop will give delegates the skills and knowledge to identify early and implement quickly solutions to effectively manage their staff’s health and well-being in a positive and supportive manner.

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