Organisational Development

Astorleander Ltd has a proven track record and years of experience in managing projects from begin to end. Working within large and small organisations, in both the private and public sector, supporting them in maximising their potential.Organisational Development solutions bespoke to your businesses needs

Below are just some of the areas where we can give support, advice and training:

  •  Budget setting.
  •  Business/service improvement.
  • Streamlining.
  • Staff training and implementation of new management information systems.
  • Change management.
  • Trouble shooting of specific problem areas.
  •  Retraining of staff teams to bring up to agreed business standards.
  • Changing culture that is detrimental to the business.
  • Implementing recruitment and selection systems to meet business needs and employment law.
  • Branding, including mission statements, values, and culture change.

Please contact our team at Astorleander Ltd to discuss how we can best help your organisation.